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A to Z Children's Yoga
We were all children once, but back then it was easier, there wasn’t so much stress surrounding us and pressure placed upon us. In the world our children are growing up in, they need time to be kids, to use their imagination, have fun and explore as we once did.


I have a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and People’s workforce so you not only get a Yoga teacher but a qualified nursery teacher! I have used this knowledge to make my classes stand out from the rest and align with the Early Years Foundation development process.


Classes are filled with adventure and fun. They’ll learn Yoga through storytelling and games, which will enhance their ability to absorb knowledge, help them sleep better and remain calm.


Want to introduce Yoga at your school?


Want your students to kick the day off with a class to get their head space in the right place? An after-lunch class to re-start for the afternoon? Part of the school day to add something a little different to their learning? Or an after-school class to shake off the day before going home to the family?


Whatever your requirements, I’ll make it work to suit you.


Want your child to start doing Yoga?

Looking for something different and fun for your children’s party? Something to do as a family? or something new for your child to learn?


Whatever it is, I’ll make it work for you.


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