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5 Week Yoga for Beginners Course

How many times have you been to a class ‘suitable for beginners’ and got there and felt like the only beginner in the room? That happening can put you off going to class again because you don’t want to feel like the only person not knowing what they’re doing.

What if you could start your journey with people who are at exactly the same level as you? In a safe environment? With a teacher, you can trust?

That sounds like a better option, right? Then keep reading for this 5 week Yoga for Beginners Course!


Course dates: 16th March - 13th April
Class time: Saturdays 11:15 – 12:45
Location: Yoga Balance, North Finchley, N12 9EP
Price: £75 - this includes all classes, a manual and a goodie bag
Course Information

Each week will take you through the A to Z Yoga stages to help you gain strength and understanding for the poses at a manageable pace. By the end, you will have the knowledge you need to move into the general classes and feel confident about practising Yoga safely and effectively. 


Week 1 – The Breath and Sun Salutation A 

Week 1 focuses on understanding and feeling your own body. Learning how to move it properly through the main poses in a Sun Salutation A and how to use your breath in a way that facilitates movement. 


Week 2 – Stability and Grounding

Week 2 will focus on gaining an understanding of how to maintain a stable pelvis and core so as to move safely from pose to pose. 

Week 3 – Strengthening

Week 3 continues on from stability and grounding and how to use that to then lead you into gaining strength to support your structure even more deeply. 


Week 4 - Twisting and Turning

Week 4 takes you through a very integral part of body movement. You will learn how to move your spine in every direction safely and confidently so as to heal and strengthen your spine for sustainability. 


Week 5 – Putting it all together

The final week put everything you have learnt into one flowing practice just to prove to you that you can now confidently move into a general class. 




Course Pre-Requisites

You must be a beginner. As a beginner, you may have attended a few Yoga classes or none at all and simply feel that you don't have a true understanding or feeling of how to perform the basic Yoga postures. 

If you are a previous student of A to Z Yoga and would like to attend the course, please contact us first to discuss this, as Amy will be able to determine if this course will be suitable for you. 


What Happens After The Course Ends

You will have the confidence and abilities to join any of the other A to Z Yoga classes on the timetable.